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Tall Whites

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Deepthought, diamond geezer that he is, made a passing reference to the Tall Whites in his exploration of the works of Charles Hall. Which got me to thinking, then Googling and now posting the first of my findings on the 'Net.

It is interesting reading for me, but you make whay you will of it.

Let's see how long it takes this article to appear elsewhere shall we? http://www.conspirac...tyle_emoticons/default/Alien.gif



Exopolitical Comment # 23 - Interview with Charles Hall- Motivations of the Tall White Extraterrestrials and their Exopolitical Significance

What follows is based on an interview with Charles Hall on Dec 2, 2004, regarding the existence of the tall white extraterrestrials that he met while serving at Nellis Air Force base as a duty weather observer from 1965-67. His experiences are recorded in his three volume set of books, Millennial Hospitality (for details see http://members.lycos...k/Charles_Hall/ ). I had earlier read the first two volumes of his book series and recorded my impressions in a short article (see http://exopolitics.o...-Comment-22.htm ). I was put in touch with Charles Hall by Paola Harris who was the first major UFO researcher to thoroughly investigate the case (see http://www.paolaharris.it/hall1.htm ).

In the interview, I asked a series of questions and recorded his replies by taking notes. My aim in conducting the interview was to get a better idea of the motivations of the 'tall whites' and their exopolitical significance on Earth. I begin this evaluation of my interview by first outlining my questions and Charles Hall's replies. I finish with my evaluation of his testimony and books which I believe is vitally important as a possible disclosure initiative that will attract much public attention and carries great exopolitical significance.

Michael E. Salla, PhD
December 3, 2004

Q. Why did you call the book a work of fiction?
He had to protect himself and men who served with him. He changed names to protect the innocent, including himself and other serviceman. People he replaced experienced severe psychological pressure and trauma. Some wouldn't want to be mentioned so he didn't give their correct names. He affirmed that everything in the books is true. It is as close to a documentary of events he experienced as possible.

Q. How did you recall all conversations recorded in the book?
He didn't keep a dairy, but kept a log book. He basically relied on memory in writing the book. He relived the emotions as he covered each experience, and this helped his recollection of events and conversations. Key episodes were basically etched into his mind. He had to summarize many conversations. Some conversations had to be reconstructed. Usually conversations with other airmen are summarized/reconstructed. Conversations with tall whites are close to verbatim since the Tall whites didn't talk much. Tall White men especially didn't speak much at all. Tall white women were more talkative than the men. If Tall Whites didn't wear their communication equipment, then they wouldn't communicate at all. Charles wanted to capture all the emotions he experienced and these are faithfully recorded in the book.

Q. When did you start writing the books?
He first tried telling people verbally about his experiences during 1965-68. When he got a word processor in 1985, he began the typing process using floppy disks. Writing was a slow process for technical reasons and also emotionally since he relived the experiences and this took much time. For example, it took six months before he could control his fears of the tall whites back in 1965.

Q. When did you finish the book?
Back in the 1980s he had trouble in finding a potential publisher for his planned autobiography and also had family responsibilities. In 2002 he became unemployed and began to edit, polish, and publish what he had written so far. The publisher he found, Firstbook.com allowed him to publish it as a 'print-on-demand' book where he controlled copyright, etc. He is still not satisfied with what has been published so far, and wants to edit the first volume one more time. Basically the book was work in progress since 1985 up until 2002. Final editing was done from late 2002 to early 2003.

Q. Did you ever take photos?
He never took any photos. When out there by himself he was worried about keeping himself alive and taking photos wasn't thought of. Initially he thought he was dreaming (that's why he believes Area 51 is called dreamland). This was a reason why he never thought about taking photos. Later when he realized that the tall whites were real, he talked himself out of it when he went back to his base, so he didn't think about photos.
Also, he didn't want to offend the tall whites and stayed on his best behavior. He didn't think taking pictures was prudent and might offend them, and they could destroy the evidence anyway since they always had access to his belongings.

Q. Did any of the other servicemen ever take pictures of Tall Whites that you were aware of?
He was not aware of that happening, but recalled a paperback book published back in early 1990s there is a set of pictures of tall whites which he believes are authentic. These were published by a New Jersey housewife who traveled to Albuquerque New Mexico and said that she waited on a public highway when she saw a scout craft and she took six pictures of the tall whites standing 6' 6". He believes photos are authentic. The implication was that some serviceman had taken the photos and sent them to the author who gave a cover story for how she got the photos. He couldn't recall the name of the book or the author.

Q. Have you ever been approached or briefed by agencies not to disclose the events on Nellis?
No. He said that weather information was never classified. As a weather observer he was never part of a classified project where security oaths were taken. The orders given to Charlie were classified, but nothing he did was ever to be classified. That was a decision taken by a committee including the tall whites and others in the Pentagon. The idea was that Charlie would be free to interact with the tall whites without being continually briefed. He said that the American generals would do anything to get technology transfers. Generals would permit tall whites to kill service men if they were offended, threatened or harmed. He described an incident in his book where a serviceman had to beg for his life when he yelled at a tall white child. The only reason the tall white didn't kill him according to Charles was that a tall white male came over to the tall white female and told her that since the serviceman hadn't hurt the child, the American generals wouldn't understand why she would kill the serviceman. Charles said that the generals however thought military servicemen were expendable, and wouldn't allow any killing by the tall whites to stop technology transfers.

Q. Were other servicemen killed by tall whites for offending them?
He explained an incident back in Sept 1965 near the mountain at Indian Springs where the tall whites had their main hangar. One of the cover stories for sightings of tall whites was that they were big horn sheep in the desert. One hunter wanted to shoot one of the 'sheep' and rented horses and went with his friend. The hunters eventually separated, and one hunter went near the hangar where the tall whites are based, and took a shot at one of the kids. The tall whites grabbed him and handed him to the human guards who were military personnel. The human guards shot him and gave a cover story for his accidental death. The guards found his friend and beat him up, and threw him into the brig for about six weeks.

Charles said that usually if one wasn't hurting anyone and was just unarmed and hiking, etc., tall whites wouldn't bother one. Basically, they would kill if threatened if any way. They believe in tit for tat. If you did nothing to scare or hurt them, the worst they would is to pleasantly scare you away.

Q. You say that the Generals were desperate for technology exchange with tall whites, why do you say that?
They would do anything to maintain good relations with tall whites to get technology.
The tall white 'Teacher' had conversations with Charles that demonstrated this. American generals wouldn't stop tall whites if they were intent on killing servicemen who had hurt any tall white child. Tall whites exchanged technologies such as radio and communications systems, but not faster than light speed technology. Technology exchange was done on the basis on only those technologies that would benefit Tall Whites, such as good radios and communications that they could use as well if necessary.

He gave the example that the tall whites would help with a nuclear powered craft but not propulsion systems for deep space travel. Anti-gravity technologies were not shared with the generals which were deep space capable. American generals were sometimes in the scout craft of the tall whites so the technology for the scout ships was shared to an extent since the scout ships were made on Earth using materials here with the assistance of the US military. Tall Whites sometimes participated in classified meetings and helped with technology development. Charles describes how much of the technology transfer occurs. Basically, the tall whites would participate in classified meetings by sitting in and helping with some well placed questions.

Q. In vol one, you describe an incident where mental images entered your mind about the Tall Whites in the frontier era, can you explain?
Charles described how he was reading the History of the West, and the history of Death Valley and Indian Springs, he remembered mental images of tall whites in the frontier era when the Tall Whites. These images just entered his mind when the tall whites were nearby, and left when the tall whites departed.

Q. In the book, you mention 1954 as the first time reports of the Tall Whites were made in the vicinity of Nellis. Is there any earlier date or evidence you would think would support the presence of the Tall Whites presence in the area?
He said that the legend of Range Four Harry (a description used for the tall whites by servicemen at the Nellis base) went back at least as far least 1954.

Q. Do you think these mental images you observed were real historical events or fabricated?
He felt that the mental images were based on real historical events. He noted that when the tall whites moved away, the images stopped. This suggested that the tall whites were feeding him these images to give him historical information that they wanted to pass on.

Q. Do you believe that Tall Whites have been in the Indian Springs area for a couple of hundred years?
Yes. He was told that Pamela (a tall white) was born in that valley during the James Madison era. They like the valley because it's hot and that is an important requirement for them.

What do you think the motivations of the Tall Whites are in terms of their presence on Earth?
They used the base as a place for their deep space craft. Same as the way US Navy would use a base in the Pacific. They used the base to refuel, repair and refit their deep space craft. He talked about the long distances in space and need for a base on a planet like Earth where they can get supplies, make repairs, etc. Since deep space craft arrived and left on schedule, this meant they were engaged in commerce.

Q. Basically you believe they just wish to use Earth as a base for their deep space travel, and don't have any ulterior motive to colonize the Earth or dominate national governments?
Yes, that's his belief. From the tall white's point of view, they are very happy with what they have, and their long life span - ten times longer than we do. They took ten times longer to age and also to heal. They were amazed at how quickly Hall could heal, and he described how they watched him closely when he bruised himself and healed within a day.

Charles argues that the tall whites like to keep to themselves, and don't have any interest in dominating the Earth or taking over governments. They just want to maintain friendly relations with the US government so they can continue to use the base. He affirms that they are not interested in dominating or colonizing the Earth.

Q. In vol three, you describe an incident where you were burned by microwave weapons, can you elaborate?
He explained how the pencil weapon can be used by the tall whites to cause great pain, death, or sleep. He describes an incident where a CIA guard tried to help a tall white female in getting up the stairs at the Congressional building, but the guard inadvertently hurt the tall white and she threatened CIA guard who had to beg for his life. He explains that the pencil weapon can be used to stimulate calcium atomic frequencies to cause great pain like being burned, but one was not actually burned. When the iodine setting is used by the stun gun it can cause one to bleed to death. He compared this to the black plague when people would bleed to death due to arteries being weakened and blood would leak out causing death. In an email, Charles clarified how the pencil weapon works: "The pencil weapon could be set to stimulate the attomic frequencies of Sodium, Calcium or Iodine. Stimulating the Sodium atoms caused immense pain because it caused the nerves to discharge. If the weapon is set high enough, it can cause instant death. Stimulating the Calcium atoms casused the reverse ( ie. sleep, calmness, relaxation etc ) because it causes the nerves to reset and relax. Stimulating the Iodine atoms, of course, as descibed in book three, causes death by internal bleeding because it causes chemical changes that allow the blood to pass through the walls of the arteries in and around the thyroid gland."

He said that tall whites tempers can change very quickly from friendly to hostile. The pencil weapon was used against Charles in a misunderstanding that was described in his book where but the iodine setting was used which caused internal bleeding. He recalls seeing a friendly tall white female approach him when he was lying hurt and she did a kind of graceful dance around him. In an email he described that tall white as "a young female, probably equivalent to a human young woman of age 19. she stood approximately 5'10 - 5' 11'' tall. She had a male companion who I always guessed was her brother because the two of them looked like fraternal twins. She and I were completely unafraid of each other. On a number of
evenings when I was making the morning balloon run, she would come up and stand beside or near me or slightly behind me. Frequently she would come within arm's length and still not show the slightest fear of me. Likewise, when she came in that close, I also did not feel any particular fear of her either. Her brother, by comparison, was always noticeably afraid of me and always kept his distance from me ( usually he stayed back at least 50 - 60 feet ). He obviously liked me, but also, he obviously never trusted me. For example, he would never turn his back to me when he was anywhere in my area ( i.e. within a 100 feet ).

Q. If this could occur to you after all the trust that was developed with the Tall Whites, what does that suggest for most members of humanity?
The idea that Tall Whites can turn on one and use weapons even despite all the good things that have been done is generally correct. Tall Whites differ very much in temperament and personality as do humans. He explained an incident involving a tall white general who wouldn't brook any discussion and could be cruel if he felt he was not being obeyed to the letter. Yet the tall white doctor was quite friendly and would approach very closely. So basically the tall whites are quite varied in terms of personality.

The tall white captain described in Charles book was a nice enough guy, but he only came around humans when it was necessary. He only wanted to know about humans to the extent it would help him do his job. A cultural difference was evident as in cases where Americans might befriend a Japanese, but wouldn't want to socialize with Japanese. He stressed that tall whites vary tremendously in personality.

Q. When was the last time you directly communicated with a Tall White?
He referred to what was described in book three which is when he left for military service in Vietnam in 1967. Subsequent to then, he has had no communication with the tall whites.

Final Comments by Charles Hall.
There are many episodes he had that he didn't include in the book. For example, in 1965 American generals were showing Tall White Generals through the military barracks that he slept in. When that first started happening, he thought he was dreaming. He remembers Generals talking to Tall Whites about taking Air force officers with the tall whites on scout craft. In an email, Charles elaborated on this: "The American Generals were deiscussing the possibility of the tall whites taking two young American Officers on board the Tall White's Black Deep Space craft ( ie. to another nearby star ). I personnally saw the American Genrals themselves with their tall white counterparts boarding and deboarding the white scout craft." He thought the discussion was too risky to include since it included what he felt was sensitive material that was probably classified.

He stressed how the tall whites would follow agreements to the letter. He gave the example of an agreement he had with the tall whites. They would basically never sneak up behind him and scare him, and he would be sure to never do the same to him to them. This agreement was closely followed in all the interactions Charles had with the tall whites and helped him survive. Basically, he believed the tall whites could be trusted once they had agreed to something.

Evaluation and Exopolitical Analysis of Charles Hall
I found Charles Hall to be very credible and compelling in his response to questions. He displays great integrity and is quite sincere in describing solely the facts concerning his experiences. He described his experiences with the Tall Whites in a very objective manner, and the emotional reality of the experiences were quite vivid and conveyed much information about his state of mind and the seriousness of the experiences he had. The emotions that Charles objectively described in great detail conveyed the extent to which what he was experiencing shook his world view, and the world views of those around him.

Charles knowledge of the tall white's interaction with the US Air force generals is very enlightening in terms of the way agreements were followed to the letter. It appears that the tall whites are quite legalistic and this appears to be something that the US military finds to be helpful in working with them. This is very significant in the technology exchanges which Hall describes were vitally important for the US military. The tall whites were quite clear that only certain categories of technology would be shared. Categories that presumably would not give the US military deep space capabilities. According to Charles, this technology exchange involved the US collaborating in the construction of scout craft used by the Tall Whites. Providing the required material for the tall whites presumably would have helped US scientists understand the principles of space flight. Since this is what Charles observed in the mid 1960s, it may be presumed that larger constructions may have been more recently attempted that have more advanced propulsion systems than nuclear power. The exopolitical question here is what would the tall whites gain or have gained in return for allowing US authorities to collaborate in building larger space craft. If technology for smaller scout craft was given in exchange for basing rights, what Earth resources would be or have been traded for larger constructions using more advanced propulsion systems?

Charles Hall comes across as very thoughtful and very intelligent. He has a Master's degree in nuclear physics and believes he has worked out some of the main principles of the tall white's deep space propulsion system. He doesn't pull any punches in describing the intimidating behavior of the Tall Whites, and their readiness to use deadly force to protect themselves and especially their children against potential threats - intended or otherwise. Even surprising or scaring tall white children could lead to tall white adults intimidating humans with their advanced weaponry as his book makes clear.

Significantly, in his book he describes how the tall whites would threaten to kill humans who scared or disobeyed them (for quotes see http://exopolitics.o...Comment-22.htm). In the interview, however, he focused on how the tall whites would only respond when they were threatened in some way. He stressed the principle of "tit for tat" that the tall whites followed which is well understood in human society and is a principle found in biblical documents (lex talionis). It appeared that in the interview, Charles was portraying the tall whites in a more reasonable light than described in his book. While it was clear that Charles was being as objective as possible, the discrepancy between his book narration and the interview in terms of the conditions when tall whites threatened to kill or intimidated military servicemen and humans in general, suggested he was painting a more sympathetic picture of their behavior than in the book. This is something I hope he can clarify later since it helps contextualize the motivations of the tall whites on Earth.

Charles describes the tall whites as having no ulterior designs on the Earth in terms of colonizing it or taking over governments. He stressed the analogy of the use of overseas bases by the US military such as in the case of US bases in Italy or the Pacific. The idea was that the use of such bases was purely done to facilitate the operations of the US military, while recognizing local sovereignty and customs. So just as the US government/military has no ulterior motive for control of Italy through its base there, so too the tall whites have no ulterior motivation to control the Earth.

This is quite a controversial argument since the control of bases throughout different periods of history is quite contentious, and was part of the dynamics that drove colonialism. Indeed, the existence of military bases in the Saudi Arabia were a major factor influencing regional perceptions of US motivations in the Middle East, and influenced events in Afghanistan and Iraq. If the tall whites need the Earth as a base for their deep space operations and commerce, then it would be naïve to believe they have no interest in influencing human affairs, and political institutions. Human history shows that when foreign powers establish bases on one's territories, it's hard to get such powers to leave, and to prevent them from interfering from local political affairs. We may have already achieved that point due to agreements reached between the secret committees managing extraterrestrial affairs and the tall whites.

Charles believes that the tall whites have been on Earth since at least the early 1950's, and possibly as long as a hundred years or more based on what some Tall Whites related to him, and mental images he received when reading about local history of Indian springs. This will be a critical question to explore since obviously the time of the first appearance of the Tall Whites on Earth will influence our assessment of their ultimate goals here. If they have been here for a century or more as Hall suggests and which he was influenced to believe from the tall whites, then it would be fair to assess that they have no ulterior design on controlling the Earth. Presumably, they could have easily taken over control of the Earth in the early 19th century. If however the tall whites appeared subsequent to the 1954 Eisenhower-ET agreements (see http://exopolitics.o...udy-Paper-8.htm ) then it is very likely that the Tall Whites have ulterior motives which go significantly beyond merely resupplying and repairing their deep space craft on route to other interstellar locations. The use of time travel technologies might be used by the tall whites to buttress the idea that they have been on Earth for centuries, but this could be entirely fabricated.

I believe that the tall whites were associated with the 1954 Eisenhower-ET meetings and that they subsequently established their base in the Indian Springs area of Nevada in that time period. It was clear that Charles was subtly influenced by the tall whites to believe they have been present in different periods of US history. The ability of the tall whites to refer to earlier historical periods and their presence is possibly due to advanced technologies such as time travel which they can use to influence our perceptions of their historical presence. This will be naturally controversial but is vitally important as knowledge of the tall whites becomes more widespread, and their expolitical significance is discussed.

In sum, my view is that Charles Hall testimony is vitally important information that has great exopolitical significance, and is likely to gain widespread public interest. Already, various media outlets are treating the Charles Hall story as a major disclosure event, and Hall's obvious integrity, clarity and coherence is generating much public interest. Hall's disclosure of his experiences at Nellis Air Force base at Indian Springs from 1965-67 will likely play a major role in public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, and will help shape public perceptions of extraterrestrials and their presence on Earth.

© Michael E. Salla, PhD
December 3, 2004

Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.


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Exopolitical Comment # 36 - Further Investigations of Charles Hall and Tall Whites at Nellis Air Force Base: The David Coote Interviews

This is to announce the results of a continuing investigation of Charles Hall's testimony described in his three volume memoirs, Millennial Hospitality where he recounts his service on Nellis Air Force base where he met and interacted with Tall White extraterrestrials who had reached agreements with the US Air Force to establish a secret base at Indian Springs, Nevada. The field investigator is David Coote, an airline pilot who, along with Paola Harris, was responsible for initially making the Charles Hall case known to the wider UFO community. David has investigated the testimony of Charles Hall by tracking down and interviewing three individuals described in the book series. The purpose of the investigation was to find corroborating evidence that Charles Hall did serve as a weatherman at Indian Springs; that incidents described in Millennial Hospitality are accurate; whether there were sightings of UFOs/extraterrestrials at the Indian Springs ranges; and any personal recollections about Charles Hall that would help determine his credibility. David is collaborating with the author and other researchers in ascertaining the veracity of Charles Hall's testimony by interviewing independent witnesses, finding documentary evidence; and distributing the results of these investigations to the wider UFO/Exopolitics research community. For a range of articles and links related to Charles Hall and the 'Tall Whites' please visit: http://www.exopoliti...harles-hall.htm .

David was able track down and interview three of the military personnel described in the Millennial Hospitality series. What follows are the key points from the interview(s) David conducted with each of the three personnel, along with David's and my own final reflections on the significance of this further evidence supporting the Charles Hall case. The names used in the Millennial Hospitality books are pseudonyms and I will use the three witness designations used by David in his interview in order to maintain confidentiality of the three former military colleagues of Charles Hall. I thank David Coote and Charles Hall for permission to share this information with the general public. I also thank Paola Harris for facilitating communications between Charles Hall, David and different researchers. I also thank Dr Robert M. Wood for his helpful comments that assisted me revising an earlier draft of this article

Finally, a significant piece of documentary evidence that has emerged is a newspaper clipping concerning the building of a very large accommodation facility at Indian Springs in 1951 was kindly supplied by Dr Wood. The January 5, 1951 story from the Las Vegas Review Journal describes 300 million dollars spent in 1951 to fund the facility and that it was not connected with the atomic program. The funding of this very large facility may be what was described in the Millennial Hospitality book series as the 'large hangar base' built to accommodate the tall whites and their ships by the USAF in the 1950s. The newspaper clipping is available online at: www.exopolitics.org/indiansprings-project.htm

David Coote Interviews Three Military Witnesses to Events on Indian Springs
In an email to the author on July 24, 2005, David described his attempts "to find corroborating testimony from any witnesses to Charles Hall's story." David explains that his attempts "met with some success after he was able to track down three individuals who were stationed with Charles at Indian Springs Auxiliary Field during the same period in the sixties." David further states that "in keeping with Charles' original desire to keep these individuals' identities protected (as he did in his books) we shall refer to them as witness 'A' from Michigan, witness 'B' from Pennsylvania, and witness 'C' from Ohio."

David says that the testimony of the three witnesses, though not conclusive "is yet significant in cementing Hall's story in several ways." David states: "all three witnesses were also utilized as weather observers as Charles had been. They remembered Charles, and confirmed his presence and job as Charles had described. They also recalled everyday, mundane events, and described the place just as Charlie had written in his books. They also remembered some of the other names that Charlie had mentioned." Another significant point is that none of the witnesses had read any Charles Hall's books. Witness B, however, had heard an interview of Charles Hall on Coast to Coast radio and passed on this information to witness C.

Witness 'A' was a weather station observer for the USAF (Det. 31/ 25th Wx Sqdn - USAF MAC unit) and was also an ex-civilian policeman. David asked questions about how well Witness A knew Charles Hall. Witness A answered: "I knew him very well." "Really nice guy - real sweet - hard not to like Charlie." "He was one of those really smart guys...chemistry major or something." "I taught him how to play chess and he knocked me off the Base tournament one time...very intelligent."

David then asked about significant events mentioned in Hall's books especially those concerning anomalous occurrences and an incident involving Witness A: "They [other base personnel] used to come up with this story of 'Range Four Harry'...he was some kind of wild, radioactive horse..." also ..."Charlie remembered that? [regarding an incident where witness 'A' broke a tie-rod in a truck out on the ranges] ...well I'll be damned...yeah I did that."

Witness 'B' is presently 62 years old with a degree in electronics. David again asked about the witness's recollection of Charles Hall and incidents described in Millennial Hospitality. Witness B said: "Charlie was a particularly bright character...more studious...more reserved... Didn't talk much about it...we heard rumors constantly [about what went on out on the ranges]...'Range Four Harry' etc .. Charlie was so serious about it. But he didn't really want to talk about it...I felt he didn't know who he could trust. ...there were rumors about people getting transferred...if you say too much about this stuff then you might find yourself where you didn't want to be. ...Charlie spent more time out there [on the ranges] than the rest of us. ...I believe in him...that he was dealing with something out there. ... I never felt I was alone when I was out there. ... It was a very secure area. "

David explains how at one stage he [witness 'B'] had been told from another individual that the Air Police never responded to calls out on the ranges because "...they were afraid." David also noted that witness 'B' stated that witness 'C' … "is a very sincere person."

Witness 'C' ("Pushing sixty" - combat veteran, Retired). David again asked how well he knew knew Charles Hall and about any significant events on the ranges and got the following responses: "Yes I knew Charlie...I relieved Charlie when he left Indian Springs...It was an eerie place...Only knew Charlie a week...he wanted to talk to me about Einstein's theory of relativity.

David notes that when witness 'C' first got to serve on Indian Springs he was told "to be observant of UFO's". Witness C further explained: "...I did feel many times my life was in danger. I'd call the aerodrome officer at Nellis AFB whenever I had suspicious occurrences and they would never confirm any aircraft in the area. ...a lot of the time I knew I wasn't alone out there; whatever these forces were they were hostile to me because I had a hostile intent towards them." David explained that Witness C admitted he had "always been a 'fight first' type of personality".

David explained how witness C "felt threatened by certain events that had taken place although he never saw the 'culprits'. There were occasions when "they" would shut the generators off; once, both at the same time...also switched the light switch off in the truck when he had left it running outside in the dark." David also pointed out that "Witness 'C' stated he had seen unexplained lights out there, both on the ground and in the air. David then explained more about what led to Witness C abandoning his duties at the weather station:

"About the time he'd "finally had enough" an incident occurred, when he sensed company and where an "orderly" pile of large 'target posts' (approx 10" by 10" by 15 foot) had been strewn about just outside his range shack one night. He just jumped in his truck and drove back to Base. He told his First Sergeant that he didn't want to go out there again, that: "I've performed my duties to the best of my ability, and I don't care if you put me in the brig." "I recommended that they pull the weather station from the ranges and put it at the radar site on Nellis for security and other reasons...and that's what they did."

Witness C also explained to David: "It was Charlie who...had mentioned to me certain areas not to go...where his [Charlie's] truck had been 'shut-down'...and other areas where he had had daylight sightings of 'dirigibles.' ...these things were never talked about officially. We would only mention occurrences 'one on one.' ...The only thing that was ever officially said was that the First Sergeant told me that under no conditions was I to ever put a UFO report on the comments or remarks section of the [weather observer report ] ...an official Air Force document...I'm guessing that apparently there had been a problem in the past."

The results of the interviews with corroborating witnesses offer evidentiary support for Charles Hall and several of the incidents described in his books. First, they confirm that Charles did serve as a weatherman and that he did perform his duties in an isolated and frightening environment. Witness B confirmed that Charlie often served alone out on the weather ranges; and even the Air Police were too frightened to go out on the ranges. This is conistent with Hall's description of the high level of anxiety experienced by servicemen over the unexplainable events on the weather ranges.

Second, Witness C's testimony that he was strictly instructed not to record UFO sightings on his daily logs offers support for Charles Hall contention that the Tall Whites frequently flew their ships in the area of Indian Springs. Witness C recalled that Hall had told him about 'dirigibles' he had seen in the sky which confirms that Hall had told others about his UFO sightings during his service at Nellis Air Force base. Hall describes in his books numerous instances where he could monitor the large interstellar ships entering and leaving their secret base through the theodolite he used for tracking weather balloons.

Third, witness C confirms that as a result of the 'high strangeness' at the weather station, he had fully abandoned doing any further service out on station despite possible punishment by his military superiors. This offers support for Charles Hall testimony that many preceding and subsequent servicemen had to abandon their duties due to intimidation from and fear of the Tall Whites. This combined by Witness B's recollection of the fear of the Air Police to travel out to the weather station suggests that the Air Force did not brief the servicemen about any extraterrestrials thereby helping explain the 'high strangeness' and fear by many of the servicemen who served at Indian Springs.

Fourth, witnesses A and B confirmed that the existence of urban legends such as "Range Four Harry" as a radioactive horse which Hall recounts as an inaccurate description of the Tall Whites when in their protective suits. According to David, "Hall's explanation was that 'Harry' was a Tall White guard who spent a lot of time on Range 4, whereas the 'Radioactive horse' was how a group of Tall Whites would appear at night as they transited the ranges as a close-knit group in their luminous, protective suits."

None of the three witnesses could confirm having directly seen either an extraterrestrial or a UFO while serving with Charles Hall at Nellis AFB. This may be result of the psychological impact of unbriefed servicemen encountering UFOs/ETs in an isolated environment. Certainly the strong reaction from Witness C in terms of abandoning his duties regardless of punishment suggests such a psychological impact was evident. If this is what occured, then further interviews and perhaps hypnotic regression may elicit further recollections that may confirm the existence of ETs/UFOs that Charles claimed to witness when based at Nellis Air Force Base. Unfortunately, the witnesses have indicated a desire to maintain anonymity, and do not appear overly eager to participant in further interviews thereby precluding for the moment this kind of follow up.

The newspaper clipping supplied by Dr Wood offers documentary evidence that a classified project was being conducted at Indian Springs that may have been intended for the Tall White extraterrestrials discussed in the Millennial Hospitality series. The construction of a large hangar facility for interstellar Tall White ships and accomodation for the Tall Whites in a secure mountain location presumably would have required a large outlay of capital. The 300 million dollars spent in 1951 according to the American Institute for Economic Research converts in 2005 terms as 2.2 billion dollars (see http://www.aier.org/colcalc.html ). Given the lack of surface constructions at Indian Springs that would explain where these 'accomodation' facilities were constructed, it's likely that these were underground and/or constructed inside the mountains located at Indian Springs.

The conclusion of these further investigations by David Coote is that Charles Hall testimony has been corroborated in the following ways: Charles Hall served in the isolated environment of the Indian Springs bombing ranges; there was a degree of 'high strangeness' with the things happening at Indian Springs; the legend of 'Range Four Harry' was known to other servicemen; and that UFO's were known to senior miltiary personnel who instructed subordinates not to record UFO's in official Air Force logs.

While there has not been direct confirmation of Charles Hall testimony of the 'Tall White' ETs and UFOs, the investigations do not negate any of the testimony provided by Charles Hall. In contrast, the independent testimonies of three other servicemen who served at Indian Springs and the remote weather ranges confirm many aspects of Hall's narration of events at the isolated and secure facililty. Therefore, the credibility of Charles Hall as a 'whistleblower' describing events occuring in a classified project at the Indian Springs facility at Nellis AFB during 1965-67 is strengthened. The 1951 Las Vegas Review Journal story also lends support to Charles Hall claims about a large underground facility constructed in the mountains located at Indian Springs specifically for the use of Tall White personnel and their interstellar vehicles.

Investigations conducted to corroborate Charles Hall testimony so far indicate that Charles has stuck closely to the actual events and personnel described in his series of books. The three witness testimonies and the Las Vegas Review journal all offer independent confirmation for various aspects of Hall's testimony. This provides independent evidence that Charles Hall's claims about the Tall Whites being based on a secure and isolated military facility on Nellis Air Force base are worth serious consideration by researchers into the UFO phenomenon and exopolitics.

© Michael E. Salla, PhD
August 8, 2005

Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.


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More still to be found.

Source; http://www.arcticbea...18131/20949.htm

'Tall Whites' Living Among Us in Nevada Under Military Cover
Former serviceman recounts incredible story about 'out of this world' encounters
February 5, 2005

By Greg Szymanski

When aliens or UFO's are mentioned, some people say it's just a hoax or
somebody's "imagination gone south."

Others when they hear the "magic words" just shut off the television,
reserving judgment for the next time they belly up to the bar.

Still others, deep down inside, believe they exist, but don't have the
courage to admit it publicly.

And, finally, there are those true believers, those who have seen the light
and have personally made contact.

Charles Hall of Albuquerque, NM, says he is one of those true believers. The
following is his story.

Some stand more than 8 feet tall, run 40 mph and live 800 years. They speak
like a dog barking or a bird chirping, write similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics
and have learned English quite easily.

They have large blue eyes that wrap part way around their heads,
small noses and tiny ears pressed tight to their scalps. Their thumbs are
small with four long slender fingers and two claw-like appendages
instead of fingernails.

They all have thin, straight blond hair, usually worn short and the women
can be distinguished by a feminine looking short cut. Their hips are shaped
liked ours, but they walk quite differently since they are used to a stronger
gravity pull.

They typically can be seen wearing aluminized chalk white jump suits
resembling a canvas-like fabric with gloves of the same material and an open white
motorcycle helmet.

What's unusual is the suit emits a three-inch field of white flourescent
light, the intensity varying from soft to bright, a brightness that can actually
hurt the human eye.

They are extremely intelligent and process information speed several times
faster than humans. However, secretly they fear our intuitive ability and extra
sensory perceptions.

They have individual talents, differing intellectual capabilities and
physical traits, a race definitely not carved from a cookie-cutter. Some are
teachers, some are pilots, some are workers and some are leaders.
When bored, they like to go star gazing on hot summer nights,
take weekend trips to the strip in Las Vegas or visit the Lincoln Monument in Washington D.C.

They like to recreate, procreate and their children, considerably shorter in
size, are fun loving, energetic and inquisitive. The children enjoy hide and
seek but they also like to play catch with soft objects since their bodies are
frail, bruising easily. Mothers are highly devoted to their children to the
"Nth" degree, existing solely for the purpose of meeting the needs of their

They believe in a "tit for tat" system, believe their word is their
bond and place a special importance on honoring agreements, especially verbal or
written. However, it is unknown whether they believe in God per se or form
religions to advance their beliefs.

Although they are highly individualistic, one similar characteristic is they
all have white chalky complexions - very white chalky complexions. For this
reason, they have been called the Tall Whites. And for this reason, most people
think they are nothing but fictional characters conjured up from a past Star
Trek episode.

But the Tall Whites are more than just fiction, says Charles Hall, an
educated man with a master's in nuclear physics and former weather
observer for theUnited States Air Force.

According to Hall, who claims to have communicated with the Tall Whites, they
are very real, very complex and very much a part of the community living at
Nellis Air Force Base, a highly secretive 5,000 square mile "no fly zone"
military compound in the southern and central Nevada desert.

Nellis is so secret, so secluded, so guarded by military police, according to
Hall, an attempt to enter, an attempt to locate the Tall Whites, who live
under the sand dunes in concrete and steel bunkers, would be like committing

"You can't go hunting for them or approach them. They have to come to you and
the children are especially curious by nature," said Hall from his home in
Albuquerque, NM., saying he hasn't attempted contacting the Tall Whites since
his tour of duty ended in the Air Force in 1967 when he left to serve in
Vietnam. "It was a traumatic experience being isolated in the desert, alone with
someone so different and obviously more advanced than us.

"At first I thought I was going insane. But I learned over time how to
communicate, how to approach them and to never try and force them to do anything.
Their nervous systems operate very quickly and they are very protective, very
suspicious of our intentions."

Asked why he never returned to Nellis, he simply said: "I just don't feel the
need to go back. If you went through what I did, as I have meticulously
recorded in my three books, you probably wouldn't want to go back either as it was
at times frightening and emotionally draining."

Hall's "out of this world" recollections are not the product of an overactive
imagination or drug-induced hallucinations, but from personal experiences and
actual face-to-face contacts with the Tall Whites while stationed at Nellis
from 1965-1967. He claims to have spent two years interacting with this alien
race countless numbers of times, but only recently went public with his "earth
shattering" statements in a set of three books entitled Millennial Hospitality.

"I just decided to wait all these so as to not jeopardize the well being of
my children while they were in school," said Hall, adding the accounts in his
books are true with only names and places changed to protect the innocent.

"Along the way I confided with my wife and friends, but now that the children
are on their own and grown up, I've decided to tell my story to the public."

And he says the facts in his book are just the tip of the iceberg in what
just may turn out to be one of the most detailed, most convincing and most sought
after alien stories of all time.

"Just read my books and you'll see what I mean," added Hall, referring to the
time they wanted to impress him with their technology superiority by having
him throw a rock and then stopping it in mid air. "They also are able to
suspend bullets or other faster moving objects."

Academic Heavyweight Lends Support

Not only is Hall convinced about the Tall Whites alien origin and their
exceptional powers, but so is academic heavyweight Michael Salla, a doctor of
political science and former head of a Washington think-tank after extensively
interviewing Hall in December 2004.

What is even more astounding is that Salla has put his otherwise impeccable
reputation as a political researcher and thinker on the line, to stray off an
"earthly path" for the first time in his career.

Salla has held academic appointments in the School of International Service,
American University, Washington, D.C. and the Department of Political Science,
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. He also has taught as an
adjunct faculty member at George Washington University. He is the author of
The Hero's Journey Toward a Second America Century and Why the Cold War Ended,
as wellas Essays on Peace.

"I have never before researched the UFO phenomena, but after talking to
Charles I am a believer," said Salla on recent radio interview.

Salla's in depth discussions were revealing, giving Hall's previous books and
writings third party independent credibility instead of just biased approval
from UFO groupies.

Besides the obvious questions concerning alien quirks, characteristics and
intentions, Salla centered on the cooperation and agreements supposedly entered
into by the Tall Whites with the U.S. government through military liaisons at
Nellis Air Force Base.

"I found Charles Hall to be very credible and compelling in his response to
questions. He displays great integrity and is quite sincere in describing
solely the facts concerning his experiences," said Salla, who never before delved
into UFO stories but has admitted he has come to be a believer. "The emotions
that Charles objectively described in great detail conveyed the extent which
what he was experiencing shook his world view and the views of those around him."

Government Agreements with the Tall Whites

However, the relationship between the Tall Whites and our government,
explained by Hall, is mind boggling, shocking, revolting and seemingly impossible in
a democratic society. But Hall insists these agreements exist, insisting the
Tall Whites have been exchanging technology for earthly resources since the
early 1950s and maybe even sooner.

Hall recalls in one of his books that in the late 1960s the military provided
over $600,000 in clothing from Sears, having seen the shipment being hauled
with military trucks into the desert compound where the Tall Whites lived. He
also recalls the military providing food, aluminum, titanium and other
commodities, perhaps used for interstellar trading as the Tall White's roam the
universe, contacting other civilizations.

In his interview, Salla ventures to guess what has transpired since the 1960s
and whether the military has been involved in more sinister deals and
agreements without public disclosure.

Regarding nondisclosure, Salla effectively argues that the military may be
compromising America's resources and its future survival by not allowing a
public debate on issues concerning the welfare if its own people concerning issues
involving trade agreements with the Tall Whites.

"The American people have a right to know and the knowledge Charles brings
regarding the Tall White's interaction with the U.S. Air Force generals is very
enlightening in terms of the way agreements were followed to the letter," he

"It appears that the Tall Whites are quite legalistic and this seems to be
something that the U.S. military finds to be helpful in working with them.
According to Charles, the Tall Whites were quite clear that only certain categories
of technology would be shared, categories that presumably would not give the
U.S. military deep space capability. They apparently pride themselves in being
trustworthy and expect the same in return. A broken promise to a Tall White
is the worst kind of evil and dealt with very harshly."

Hall also emphasizes the Tall Whites have no ulterior designs regarding Earth
in terms of colonizing it or taking over governments with their obvious
advanced technology.

However, in his books he details how the Tall Whites would threaten to kill
humans who disobeyed or scared them. Hall cites one frightening incident where
an American general allowed a serviceman to be killed by a Tall White after
one of their children was threatened.

"I think the American military felt the servicemen were expendable and of
little importance in comparison with keeping the Tall Whites satisfied," said

Other Unique Characteristics of Tall Whites

As previously mentioned, the Tall Whites can grow to be over 7 feet tall.
However, most the adults in the first half of their lives usually range in size
from 5'10 to 6'5".

"Their life span is ten times grater than ours," said Hall, adding that it
takes them 10 times longer to heal, too. "They do not age as we do, but at
about 400 earth years, they undergo a second stage of growth, eventually reaching
about 8 feet tall. They then die of organ failure at an age of approximately
800 years. Since on their planet, days are longer so are they sleeping
patterns, usually staying awake for two earth days and then followed by sleeping the
same amount of time."

"Although they can be quite friendly, they are at times arrogant and
insulting. But they appear sensitive and understanding to our social structures and
have cultivated relationships with high-ranking military officials, some of who
have worked side by side with the Tall Whites. They held lesser ranking
persons with disdain and I got a long with them by letting them treat me as their

Asked what the Tall Whites thought was unique about humans, he said "they
couldn't get over how we interacted with animals. They commented several times
that we were the only life form they met that kept animals as pets. They
appeared to be extremely frightened of our animals and couldn't figure out why we
would interact with something so potentially deadly."

Where Are They From?

Hall said he learned very little about the origin of the Tall Whites during
his two-year encounter.

"They really shared very little about their history and origins," recalls

However, one incident took place with a Tall White he called "the Teacher"
which revealed they may have come from near the star Arcturus about 36 light
years away.

In a passage from one of his books, he said: "A ripple of emotion passed
through the crowd when I mentioned the star Arcturus. After a short pause, the
older lady asked with some surprise, 'Teacher, does Charlie know where we come

"The Teacher replied: 'No, not quite, but he's close.'"

Hall believes the reason they are here is that earth provides a perfect
way station for the Tall Whites in their interstellar travel routes.
And Nellis Air Force Base provides a perfect location since the
remoteness of the desert provides excellent cover for takeoffs and landings.

"They arrive with new replacements on one of their larger spaceships every
month at the time of the full moon," said Hall. "I've seen the ship arrive and
have gotten as close as the outside entrance of the hangar but never inside."

How do they travel?

Hall witnessed three different types of spacecraft, ranging in size from a
small nuclear powered scout craft and a large interstellar craft able to travel
faster than the speed of light. This large black craft was approximately 70
feet high and 360 feet long. Hall said the technology of the small craft was
shared with the military but the large craft remains a mystery.

Regarding their hangar and living facilities, he added, "I was able to
observe the repair facilities from a short distance and to the best of my knowledge
I am the only person to have been allowed to view these facilities.

"The American generals would do anything to maintain good relations with the
Tall Whites in order to get their technology," said Hall, who maintains he saw
them together many times and even sat together across negotiating tables.
"The exchange was done on the basis of what would benefit the Tall Whites and they
sometimes participated in classified meetings, helping with technology

What do they eat?

Hall said the military definitely supplied the Tall Whites with any type of
food requested, but noticed them carrying prepared bags of what looked like
mushroom pudding.

"I saw them once inspecting the food storage rooms in Indian Springs chow
hall," he said. "And once I saw a couple of them in a Las Vegas restaurant with a
full meal but they didn't touch their plates before leaving the restaurant."

Hall surmised they were plant eaters, as he noticed them collecting seeds on
various occasions.

"They are not meat eaters. That I know for sure," he added. "The food that I
saw packaged and sealed in plastic bags on the scout craft, looked like
mushroom pudding. I was told by one of them it was prepared primarily for the
children or for when they were out in the desert hiking.

"I was also told it wasn't a good idea to eat their food as it would have
adverse affects on my body. It was my understanding that eating those foods made
a person feel very high and somewhat similar to drinking large amounts of

Have Others Seen Them?

More than seven years prior to Hall's arrival at Nellis, log books showed 41
weather observers had been compromised while trying to perform their duties in
the Nellis ranges. Some required medical attention, others were given medical
discharges from the air force and some were killed.

In fact, the weather observer who preceded Hall deserted his duties and moved
away from the area. So how did Hall survive when others before him didn't?

He attributes this to his ability to understand their habits and essentially
being adopted by one of the Tall Whites called the Teacher, who seemed to take
a special interest and liking to him.

Although he was never able to take photos, he said a New Jersey housewife
traveling through Nevada had acquired a number of authentic looking photos which
she included in a paperback book published on the Tall Whites. Even though
this would have provided third party corraboration, he was unable to recall the
name of the lady or  title of the book.

"It always has upset me that I couldn't remember her name, but I know the
Tall Whites were viewed by many other servicemen on the range. I think someone
there must have given her the photos," said Hall.

Did President Harry Truman See Them?

Encountering Tall White's at close range was such a shock to the servicemen
at Nellis, frequently the sightings were reported as ghosts, angels or other
types of fantastic creatures.

Official accounts reported also revealed that President Truman in the late 1940s thought he
encountered ghosts in the White House usually before retiring to bed. The reports
go on to say he thought he was mistakenly seeing the ghost of President
Lincoln, telling White House employees of his sightings on a number of occasions

"My suggestion is that you research the stories of Lincoln's ghost and the
ghost of Donna Anna county in Las Cruces near the White Sands Missile Range,"
said Hall.

He suggested President Truman most likely encountered Tall Whites in
the White House instead of ghosts. "Remember, many of the range maintenance
men who saw the Tall Whites actually thought they were seeing ghosts."

Are the Tall Whites in India?

Credible news reports this month from the New Delhi Times and several other
Indian dailies have reported their government is in the midst of an internal
debate on whether to go public with alien encounters.

Many in the largest democracy in the world are eager to explain to its
citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with UFO's and aliens. However,
there are others who want to bend to the will of the world's super powers who
are now trying to convince India to keep quiet about UFO contact.

According to overseas news reports, America and other super powers are
engaged in "economic bribery" in order to keep the Indian government silent about
alien contact.

How Can You Meet Them?

Asked this question, Hall suggests:

"Drive to Indian Springs Nevada during the hot part of summer in late May
through early September. They like it hotter than we do. On the south side of
town, there is a large open vacant section of desert. Pick a location where you
can see the mountains located in the distance at the north end of Indian
Springs Valley (that means they can see you).

"Make sure your having fun - get involved with your work such as painting a
picture, etc. That is very important - they're bored - they like entertainment
.Be very conscious of the passage of time. If you have any missing time, such
as 20 minutes, remember any "dreams" that you might have had during this missing time.

"Take note of any florescent light that you see at night no matter how far up
in the valley it might be. The Tall Whites used to like to come out between
11:30 and 12:30 at night and return up the valley sometime after 4:30 a.m. Take note of any fuzzy
white flying craft that you see just after sun comes up along the western side of
the Indian Springs Valley.

"If they come, they prefer to approach you from behind so sit out in the open
where you have a good view. Never, never panic - I know talk is cheap but
never pursue them. Just stay standing or sitting in one place  It's OK to walk (not run ) away if you become frightened.

"NEVER NEVER NEVER try to touch their children no matter how close they come.
The children are willing to come right up to you, closer than arm's length.
If you touch them, the mother will kill you. Sing quiet songs to yourself. I
used to sing Ricky Nelson's song, "It's Up to You" and I'd pray a lot. It calmed
me down and I have no idea what it did for them.  But It  seemed to calm most
of them down too.

"Good Luck."

Concluding Thoughts

Whether Hall's story is true, of course, is debatable. However, no one can
argue it is compelling, detailed and filled with interesting facts.

If there are lingering doubts, they come from lack of corroboration, lack of
physical evidence and Hall's inability to provide the names of those persons
who may also have first hand knowledge.

If he is telling the truth, this added information would only give credence
to his incredible story.

And as they say, until further evidence comes forward, the jury is still out!

But for those too impatient to await a final verdict, maybe a trip to Indian
Springs Valley is the next logical step.

Greg Szymanski


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Final one for tonight.

Exopolitical Comment # 25 - ‘Tall White’ Extraterrestrials, Technology Transfer and Resource Extraction from Earth - An Analysis of Correspondence with Charles Hall

What follows is based on recent correspondence with Charles Hall from December 5-14, 2004 where he answers a number of questions, regarding the existence of 'tall white' extraterrestrials that he met while serving at Nellis Air Force base as a duty weather observer from 1965-67. His experiences are recorded in his three volume set of books, Millennial Hospitality (for details see http://members.lycos...k/Charles_Hall/ ). I had personally interviewed him on December 2 and summarized his responses from my interview notes to gain a general impression of Charles Hall (see http://exopolitics.o...-Comment-23.htm ). I found Charles Hall to be a credible witness of extraterrestrials that he met while serving at Nellis AFB, and he displayed remarkable qualities of integrity and fidelity in explaining the events that occurred.

In this correspondence with Charles Hall, I asked a set of questions on December 5, which he answered by email on December 12. I then sent some follow up questions which he answered on December 14. My aim in this correspondence was to focus of the activities of the 'tall whites' and their interactions with the US Air Force (USAF) in terms of better understanding the details of their trade and technological exchanges. The questions and answers from this correspondence have been thematically organized, and grammatical corrections have been made. I begin this paper with the questions and answers supplied by Charles Hall. I finish this paper with my evaluation of his correspondence which I believe is vitally important in gaining a better idea of the political implications of the tall white's secret trade and technology agreements with US military/government authorities.

Michael E. Salla, PhD
December 16, 2004

M.S. Michael Salla
C.H. Charles Hall

M.S. You describe the tall whites as building scout crafts using materials found on Earth. Can you elaborate on how you came to know this information?

C.H. This information is based on my personal observations. In book two I describe the afternoon when The Teacher and Range Four Harry were showing me the inside of one of the scout craft. Many of the items, such as the seats and theoverhead compartments still carried the mold markings placed on them by various American industries such as Boeing aircraft and Lockheed corporation. The overhead compartments were obviously "off-the-shelf" items from companies such as Airstream corporation. Many of the clothing items that the tall whites were wearing were obviously purchased straight out of the Sears and Montgomery Wards Catalogs.

M.S. Can you name some of the materials used by the tall whites, and what role
did the US military play in supplying these materials?

C.H. One of the big items was children's clothing. In the mid 1960's, on at least one occasion the USAF purchased more than $600,000 worth of children's clothing from the Sears stores and warehouse in Los Angeles, California, picked it up in Government trucks, and shipped it to Indian Springs Auxiliary Field, Nevada. the trucks delivered the clothing to the main tall white base at the north end of Indian Springs Valley.

M.S. Did you ever see the tall whites eat, and what kind of food did they

C.H. I never personally saw the tall whites actually eat food, although I'm quite certain that they ate food as we humans do. For example, as described in my books, I did see the tall white guard in the restaurant the old Aladdin casino ( before it was remodeled ) sitting at the table behind me, disguised as a human wearing a black formal suit and wearing sunglasses even though it was night (not unusual for Las Vegas, Nev at the time). He had ordered a complete dinner with water and cola to drink. It was on the table in front of him. However, he did not appear to have eaten any of it. My friends who are range maintenance men told me that in the fall they frequently saw the tall whites up in the mountains collecting grass seeds and seeds of other eatable plants apparently for the purpose of eating. In any event, I'm certain that the tall whites ate only plants and never ate any meat or any of the ordinary meat products.

The food that I saw packaged and sealed in plastic bags on the scout craft, looked like thick mushroom pudding. It had obviously been prepared by the tall whites themselves, up in their living quarters and was intended for snacks and meals to be eaten when they were out hiking, etc. The Teacher at that time stated that the food was intended for the children but that sometimes the adults ate it if they were hungry. The Teacher used to make a pleasant joke about the little boy that I called the little fat astronaut. She used to laughingly say that he was the one who liked the food, so perhaps they felt that the food here on earth wasn't as tasteful as the food they were used to back on their home planet. On a different occasion The Teacher stated pleasantly that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to eat all of the foods that they ate. She implied that two of their favorite foods would have adverse effects on me. It was my understanding that it might take my body as long and 2 years ( for one ) and 5 years for the other to get used to them. It was my understanding that eating those foods made a person feel very "HIGH" somewhat similar to drinking various quantities of alcohol.

I note from my studies of organic chemistry that the chemical molecule that gives the odor and flavor to strawberries is such a chemically simple molecule that it could be easily created by both plants and chemists on earth-like planets throughout the galaxy. For example, I'm told that a number of plants here on earth produce fruit that tastes similar to strawberries.

Likewise from my studies of Organic Chemistry, the sugar and starch molecules are the basis of energy foods and must certainly be important energy sources on every earth-like planet in our galaxy. Therefore, my guess is that one of the types of food that the tall whites would enjoy would be strawberry flavored puddings that were high in natural sugars and starches. As I remember it, the tall white guard sitting in the old Alladin restaurant had ordered a piece of artificially flavored strawberry pie although he did not appear to have eaten any of it.

M.S. What kind of food was supplied by the USAF to the tall whites?

C.H. I have no idea. However, the USAF was certainly supplying them with as much food of any type they requested. As I state in book one, the Tall Whites were inspecting the food storage rooms in the Indian Springs AAF chow hall. It was my understanding that a few of the tall whites foods are made from plants that do not grow here on this earth. It is my understanding that their home planet is larger( perhaps twice as large) much drier and much warmer than the earth. So it would be natural for some of their plants to be unable to grow here on earth.

M.S. Was the food given to the tall whites in excess of their local needs and intended for interstellar trade?

C.H. The USAF was obviously willing to give them as much of any food item that they requested, no questions asked. The USAF was obviously entirely willing to give them both food and non-animal based clothing items ( cotton, nylon, etc) without limit for use as trading materials.

M.S. Did the US play any role in the actual construction of the tall white's scout craft?

C.H. I'm not sure. From what I saw, the tall whites performed all of the construction activities themselves. I'm certain that the tall whites performed all work on the propulsion systems and on the fiber optics windings themselves.

M.S. Did the military have personnel observe the tall whites in the construction process or observe their construction facilities?

C.H. I'm certain that the tall whites did not allow any USAF personnel to observe the construction process. In book two, in the chapter entitled "Two Games on one Board" I describe the day that I was able to observe their repair activities from a short distance. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only human that was allowed to view those activities from as close as I was.

M.S. You described the hangar that was used as a base for the larger interstellar spacecraft used by the tall whites. Was this built solely by the tall whites or did the US military play a role in this?

C.H. The hanger appeared to have been entirely constructed by the USAF for use by the tall whites. For example, the inside of the hanger looked just like any other ordinary aircraft hanger. It included ordinary fire extinguishers, arrows marking exits, etc. In addition to writing and signs on the walls in english, it also include hieroglyphics and icons used by the aliens. The alien writing was done in pink paint against a white background.

M.S. When in your view was the hangar supplied by the USAF for the tall whites built?

C.H. I have no idea. However, I'm certain that the legends of Range Four Harry go back at least as far as 1954. The hanger construction ( i.e. its steel supports, its other materials, it's lighting designs, its concrete doors that raised up in narrow sections by being lifted up from the top, etc ) were consistent with the construction techniques used in the late 1940's and early 1950's.

I note that president Harry Truman believed that he had seen a ghost in the white house during the late 1940's and early 1950's when he was president. In his description, he specifically stated that the white house guards would first "fall asleep" before the ghost came. His description of the ghost matches very very closely the actual appearance and behavior of an older tall white guard. President Truman mistakenly believed that he had seen a ghost of President Abraham Lincoln. My suggestion is that you research the stories of Lincoln's "ghost" in the White House, the "ghost" of DONNA ANNA county in Las Cruces New Mexico and at White Sands New Mexico ( 1947?). My belief is that you will be surprised to see that descriptions of these "ghosts" and their behavior matches very very closely with the actual appearance and behavior of the tall whites. Remember that many of the range maintenance men who saw the tall whites believed that they were seeing "ghosts".

M.S. Are all the bases used by tall whites in the US supplied and constructed by the USAF?

C.H. I have no idea. My guess is that the answer is yes because I only saw USAF generals and personnel out on the Nellis Ranges.

M.S. You contrast nuclear powered propulsion as elementary for the tall whites which they supplied to the US military. You contrast this with anti-gravity propulsion which they did not supply. Are these the only two propulsion systems that the tall whites openly discussed or make known to the US authorities or to you?

C.H. Yes, as far as I know.

M.S. You mention that the tall whites supplied the know how for nuclear powered scout craft. Did the tall whites actually fly nuclear powered scout craft when on Earth or did they use anti-gravity propulsion in their scout craft?

C.H. The tall whites always used the anti-gravity powered space craft and scout craft. The nuclear powered craft were only for use by the USAF.

M.S. What kind of speed were the nuclear powered scout craft capable of, in contrast to the anti-gravity propelled scout craft?

C.H. Vastly slower. The anti-gravity craft were capable of speeds in excess of the speed of light where as the nuclear powered were capable of just ordinary rocket powered speeds.

M.S. Why do you believe that the tall whites took USAF officers for short trips to the moon?

C.H. Because of the significant number of times that I personally saw the Tall Whites using their scout craft ( with groups of USAF Generals on board ) taking off more or less straight up from Indian Springs valley just after sun rise when the moon was in the fourth quarter. The scout craft always headed towards the moon. Then later the same day, I would personally see the same scout craft returning just before noon back to the Indian Springs valley and landing. When the USAF Generals got off the craft they were laughing like they had just come back from the world's best amusement park.

M.S. Do the tall whites have bases on the moon or other nearby planets?

C.H. I have no idea. However, as described in my writings, on the day ( in book two ) when I was shown the inside of one of the scout craft Range Four Harry stated, in what he considered to be a humorous story about the American Generals, that the reason the tall whites had taken a small group of American Generals for a short ride in the craft was to discuss the American request for help in building bases within the solar system.
Harry stated that the tall whites believed that the earth itself was the only reasonable location for bases within this solar system because all of the other locations were cold and uninhabitable.

M.S. Do you know if the tall whites assisted in the construction of moon facilities for the USAF?

C.H. I have no idea. However, I can't imagine that the USAF would undertake such construction without first requesting help from the tall whites.

M.S. Did you ever hear of the tall whites taking officers to Mars or any other planet on one of their shuttles?

C.H. Yes. One occasion was described in my answer above. There were a number of other occasions that I am not able to describe in emails.

M.S. Would you surmise that in the almost 40 years since you last communicated/interacted with tall whites, that they may have supplied the
know how for larger craft to the US military as part of more recent technology exchange agreements?

C.H. I can only guess. I would not think the tall whites would have changed their policy. They live roughly 10 times longer than humans. Forty years isn't much time for them.

M.S. You mention that the tall whites regularly used Earth as a port of call for their large interstellar ships. Do you have any idea of what the cargo was for these ships that presumably were engaged in some sort of trade?

C.H. I feel certain that children's clothes and adult clothes and food stuffs were big items. I also feel certain that pure refined metals such as aluminum and titanium were also included in the trade.

M.S. Any estimate for the total number of tall whites on Earth?

C.H. In book three in the chapter entitled "The End of the Innocence" I describe personally seeing more than 200-300 individuals lined up along the base of the mountains to the east of range three. Each large deep space craft could probably hold approximately the same number of individuals as a typical passenger cruise ship.

M.S. Would it be fair to say that the US military limits the number of tall whites on Earth due to the fear of them colonizing the Earth?

C.H. I can only guess. However, I would doubt very seriously that the US government has the ability to place any limits of that type on the tall whites. The tall whites are very independent. As I describe in my books, I wouldn't think that any human, US government or otherwise would dare saying "No" to them or trying to limit them against their will. It would be suicide to try. Any such agreement would have to be very carefully negotiated.

Evaluation (M.S)
The tall whites' construction of scout craft using material supplied by the USAF immediately strikes one as quite significant. Why would an interstellar race with advanced technological capabilities require local material unless those tall whites on Earth were expected to fend for themselves using what local material was available? The tall whites are presumably in a very analogous position to the first colonists in the New World who needed local material while waiting to be resupplied by the mother colony. In exchange for local material and a base constructed by the USAF, the tall whites give in exchange the technological know how for the construction of nuclear powered scout crafts for visiting planets in the solar system. This suggests that the US have capabilities for space flight that far exceeds what is publicly known, and gives credence to allegations that secret military bases exist on the Moon and Mars (http://www.themarsrecords.com/ ).

The statement that the tall whites take on board their large interstellar ships material such as aluminum, titanium, food as well as clothes for both children and adults suggests that an active interstellar trade is occurring. The tall whites are acting as interstellar merchants identifying and gaining possession of Earth resources that are used by the tall whites for undisclosed purposes elsewhere in the galaxy. Charles Hall explains that the US would supply food to the tall whites without any questions, and that this would be used as part of the trade the tall whites were engaged in. Now the question to be raised here is just how extensive is this? How much food are the tall whites taking, and is it exclusively for their use? Could it be used to supply, for example, populations on other planets that have a food shortage? Alternatively, could it be used to feed captive human populations relocated to other worlds?

Now what strikes one as quite odd is the reliance on human clothing and food by the tall whites. It is strange that the tall whites require human clothes in excess of their local needs, if there truly exists such a local need by the tall whites for human clothing as Charles Hall was led to believe. Why wouldn't the tall whites prefer their own clothing products both on and off Earth? After all, colonialism was historically distinguished by the colonial rulers imposing their own dress codes and customs on local populations. The tall whites hardly come across as profound admirers of humanity and its civilization as Hall reveals in his description of their contemptuous attitude towards USAF servicemen, and how they viewed the abundance of less intelligent life forms on Earth as very primitive. Indeed the tall whites stated that "[o]n most planets, once people become intelligent, they don't want to have anything to do with the animals that are much less intelligent than they are, so they kill them off." (Millennial Hospitality II, p. 349). Would such an extraterrestrial race with a contemptuous attitude for less intelligent life forms, voluntarily wear the clothing of what they regard as a less intelligent species?

It is hard to accept that the tall whites have a preference for human clothes since this is not a behavior described by other individuals who have had contact with human looking extraterrestrial races in general. It is more likely that the clothes supplied to the tall whites by the USAF was to be used for purposes other than clothing the tall whites either on Earth or elsewhere. One plausible purpose is for interstellar trade. This would imply that the tall whites are trading with off humanoid races that may find human clothes to be exotic and attractive in the same way modern Europeans might find traditional Chinese clothes attractive. Another possible use is that the tall whites are using the clothes to supply humans from Earth that have been relocated to other worlds visited or controlled by the tall whites.

As in the case of food, was the real purpose of the clothes supplied to the tall whites intended for humans that were secretly being relocated by the tall whites? Could the use of human clothes by the tall whites described by Charles Hall have been a cover for the real use of the clothes, to clothe humans shipped to interstellar locations as a part of a resource exchange program? Perhaps, more disturbingly, could the food and clothing supplied to the tall whites be part of a resource exchange program that the US military is aware of but feels powerless to stop? All these questions require further investigation by those committed to making public exactly what Earth resources are being given to the tall whites, and for what purposes.

This takes me to the final issue which concerns Charles response that the tall whites can't be restricted in any way by the USAF. He believes that it is suicidal to try to restrict the tall whites, and that only carefully negotiated agreements can be made with them. This is reminiscent of the comments by Col Phillip Corso that the US had entered into a kind of 'negotiated surrender' with an extraterrestrial race: "We had negotiated a kind of surrender with them [extraterrestrials] as long as we couldn't fight them. They dictated the terms because they knew what we most feared was disclosure" (The Day After Roswell, p.292). Hall certainly believes, along with the US military, that the tall white's technological superiority forces the US military to enter into agreements that may not reflect very favorable terms.

In Millennial Hospitality, a revealing passage describes the extent to which the tall whites want to instill in Charles a sense of the technological superiority of the tall whites and the ineffectiveness of any offensive measures (vol II, pp. 274-75). Charles is told to throw a rock at a tall white guard and reluctantly complies only to witness it being stopped in mid-flight, along with other rocks that were thrown. This display of technological superiority was designed to demonstrate to Charles, and presumably, the USAF, the failure of any kind of attack on the tall whites. However, rather than demonstrate the tall whites technological superiority, doesn't this act of bravado achieve the very opposite? Doesn't it reveal that the tall whites are perhaps too eager to impress upon Charles and the USAF the futility of any kind of attack on the tall whites? This eagerness most likely comes not from a sense of invulnerability, but from a perceived weakness that they are intending to hide.

It has been speculated by remote viewers such as Ingo Swann that extraterrestrial races with advanced technologies are actually quite vulnerable to the advanced psychic abilities of humans (Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, 1998 ). If it is accurate that the tall whites feel vulnerable to some human potential that might threaten them, then it may be that psychic abilities are what the tall whites fear, rather than US military technology. If this is the case, then that might explain why Charles Hall has been allowed to come forward and reveal to the general public his remarkable contact experiences while serving in the USAF.

If the tall whites are engaging in resource extraction from Earth on terms that the US military and/or the 'shadow government' is unhappy with but feels unable to change, then the US military/Shadow government may be looking for some way to change the terms of their agreements. If Swann and others are correct about human psychic abilities and the potential of human consciousness, then releasing this information to the general public may be a means of introducing global consciousness as a factor in what has been secretly occurring.

In conclusion, Charles Hall reveals important details about the nature of the agreements between US government/military authorities and the tall whites. The resource extraction that is occurring may be nothing more than the benign exchange of food, clothes and metals for advanced technology supplied by the tall whites. On the other hand, a more sinister extraction of Earth resources is happening, one that may involve the relocation of humans who are fed and clothed by material supplied to the tall whites by the USAF, who feel powerless to prevent this. Whatever the truth concerning the resource extraction that is happening, it is important that the general public become informed of what is occurring in these secret trade agreements, and ensure that such transactions are marked by transparency, accountability and a democratic decision making process. Not only are these desirable political processes an ethical response to the trade agreements with the tall whites, these processes may prove to be a very wise strategic move in dealing with a more technologically advanced extraterrestrial race.

© Michael E. Salla, PhD
December 16, 2004

Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.




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Are these "Tall Whites" supposed to look like normal people? Because, well, I fit that description. Along with many other people. How is someone supposed to tell the difference?


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*sigh* There goes another ink cartridge...



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Damned interesting find Grayson. I'm re-reading it all as it's too much to take in on one read.
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Ghost...just for you. an artist rendering taken from an interview with Charles Hall.

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Grayson has been doing some excellent research on this matter on our behalf, and I thank him for this efforts.
Perhaps the 3 parts of this subject can be brought together, 'Help Wanted' and the 'Tall Whites' references.

Incidentally, going to the 'openSETI' link posted in Help Wanted, good 0l' Earth is about midway between Arcturus and Zeta Reticuli (home of the Greys) according to the 3D stellar chart.

Quote from Millenial Hospitality II 'Of the life forms we (the Tall Whites) have encountered, we (Humans) are the only ones to interact with our animals. All othe higher species have wiped out all their indiginous wildlife'

Perhaps that is a reason behind animal mutilation??

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Truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but, in the end, there it is.
Sir Winston Churchill.

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.




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Incidentally, going to the 'openSETI' link  posted in Help Wanted, good 0l' Earth is about midway between Arcturus and Zeta Reticuli (home of the Greys) according to the 3D stellar chart.


What's supposed to be at Arcturus?

BTW, thanks for the pic.

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