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Virginia Earthquake

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I'm not talked about it much, mainly because I was in the car in Roanoke taking my GF to the airport, so I didn't feel it. I did feel the digital footprint it left though, with my cell phone acting up. and how it continues to act up when another, quake happens.

It made a larger crack in my house, which happens to be build in c.1897. I'd detected the last few quakes, ( mainly due to the weird activities my chickens do ) I might have felt the other larger one.

But, my point to all of this is, the buzz in these areas now is it was a prequake, that due to the fracking, or mountaintop removal, there may have been a change in the pressure that the fault had on it, this would account for it actvities as of late.

My OSU masters Geology friend doesn't have access to any good data, and doesnt thing I have anything to ponder, let alone worry about, but I think different. There has been a lot of strange things in the past 2 weeks, from lost animals, or weird activity on cell phone, and internet. We will see, we will see


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