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Disclose TV

conspiracy illuminati new world order ufos big brother

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    By Grayson

    Submitted Jun 13 2012 06:57 PM

Disclose TV


Been around a while.

I like this one. I just downloaded some of their better shows and put them on my thumb drive and watch them on my big TV. They have a good mixture of shows.

Id like to say they get off on some sick shit over there.....Mods are biased at the least, some flame bait with racist and inflaming remarks and ban anyone afterwards with little or no respect for their own site rules, site uses advertisement dollars for revenue and wont pay the mods, mods do it for the sick kicks alone??.....they make you turn off your ad blocker or you cant even stream a video, tells you in 10 languages that they are going to data mine your lifes work out to some internet thief for $.10 per lead.


mods regularly drop posts, erase posts, and also change your posts without reason, as they troll every statement you make for their own version of the events, without any due respect for their disclosure.....


back before their upgrade in april of 2012, they asked members what they would like to see in the new version 2.0.....we all wrote in and I was instrumental in developing the color schemes and layouts as I had convinced them that this was the best option for a website, using my old company site as an example of simple layout techniques that create more appealing tones and qualities to content.


they thanked me and used it freely, but then immediately used the upgrade and staged a prank to fool the entire online community into believing that they were shut down by the US/FBI/CIA/DEA/ and were going to be investigated.  This was on april fools, and the main locked page was designed to look as if it was  a govt sanctioned locked IP


they were upgrading not to be able to just have a better format and better servers for the many members using vids and pics with links, it was so they could sell us out to the same data mining organizations and get money from the google adsense ads and such......they were ignoring the spam vids uploaded without moderation, and targeting the entire member base in the forums as characters in a good guy bad guy comic strip, acting as as sovereigns, most of them from the US, as were their opinions.


needless to say this made many very angry and they lost trust in the mods, who were doing all this to fuck with our minds, but a few kids knew better and trolled them harder to leave us alone and stick to the "disclosure" agenda, and go elsewhere to look for actual spammers abusing the front page upload features to put up everything from soft drink ads, to white cloaked meetings of hate speech rallies and other crazy ish......


......I stayed and tried to reason my way out of their attacks, but it was nothing any member really had a problem with, it was always the mods who were the gang bullies......


they truly are overbearing there, and there is nothing you can do that will be able to convince me that their site is legit, and I am sorry if others feel their stuff is legit, most is BS just like ATS, and Alex Jones