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Announcement: CAVEAT LECTOR Posted by Grayson


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CAVEAT LECTOR: Reader Beware.

Welcome to the Cafe if you're new here and thanks for sticking around all you lifers who've been with us since forever.

This guidance, rule, or new operating policy for all staff and members should be read and ruminated upon in conjunction with the Rules as stated here: CAFE RULES

It is, as stated, a Caveat Lector or Reader Beware due to the sometime friction, irrationality and downright fury that some posts, topics and members seem to generate here at the Cafe. So, Reader Beware is right and appropriate for this post by me, as you, the Reader, need to keep a few things in mind during your visits to the Cafe.

The service we provide here is an interactive Bulletin Board System (BBS) which operates in real-time. So, you form your post, you hit reply and it appears within microseconds as words, starting a new Topic (thread), forming an opinion, offering a viewpoint, or commenting on the subject at hand. Whatever you post, you have chosen to do so in order to add your thoughts to someone else's, or even your own. We don't object to that here at the Cafe; that's what we are here for and we do it in such a way that this service is free to you despite the cost attached to us. We have, in the past, endeavored to encourage and promote debate on any and all topics that fall under the broader 'Conspiracies' banner with additional forums offered to satisfy wider, more diverse tastes.

This core reason for the Cafe, the debate and discussion of Conspiracy Theories, and let's be honest here as they are just theories, has caused us no end of grief on every level. Therefore, we feel the need to now add this Caveat Lector to the Board in order to make our position crystal clear.

If YOU find a post or thread objectionable then use the 'Report Post' button that comes with each and every post made at the Cafe. Don't do anything else. Don't PM a Global Moderator and don't PM an Admin. Report the post via the machinery of the software so we can keep track of these things. A number of reported posts that happen to coincide with any member will have us investigating the member, their posts and their membership and may result in warnings being given, denial of posting, or a complete ban being issued. That is a decision made by the Staff, dependent on the severity of the issue and based on those rules that are being broken.

However, don't hit 'report Post' and expect an issue to be dealt with 21 seconds later. Why not? Well firstly, just as you may post your thoughts, so may others. Just because YOU object to another member's thinking, doesn't mean that they have broken the Rules.

Secondly, the BBS is in real-time and our Staff are scattered all over the globe from the USA to Australia and some of them actually have lives. It may take a little bit of time to get around to reviewing any reported posts.

Thirdly, we may not agree with you. Strange as that may seem, we may feel that no action is warranted, or we may feel that we should simply sit and watch how things progress. If we agree with you, we may just send a quiet PM to express our concerns over what has been posted. It depends on the post, its content and how we view the entire situation in accordance to our Rules.

That all being said, here's the real Caveat Lector. Not everything posted here, linked or commented upon, will share a common ground as people always see things differently from each other. We will not accept members being ripped to shreds, ganged up on, bullied, abused or called names because they don't share your worldview, religion, or opinions on any given subject. Debate on any subject by all means at any and all temperatures, but do it within the Rules of the Cafe. ANY name calling, branding of Schills, mauling, trolling, flaming, or any bullying of ANY Member by ANYONE, and we will apply the Rules to the letter of the Law. We don't care who starts the Rule breaking, we will finish it once and for all.

To avoid confusion, read this excerpt from the Rules:

Warning System: We employ a Warning system here which can lead to members being placed on Moderator Queue's to manage posting rights, term applied denial of posting rights and membership Bans. Our Warning System covers, but is not limited to, dealing with posts that contravene your agreement at Registration.

Warnings will be applied where Members are seen to be in breach of these conditions of posting. Warnings will applied up to and including Banning depending upon the severity of such an infraction in the opinion of the Moderator for the Forum area in which the infraction occurs.

Warnings will be given for flaming Staff here at the Conspiracy Cafe.

Warnings will be given for 'spamming' the Board, its Staff or members. We define 'spamming' as the repeated posting of same or similar content in multiple threads in one visit, or over a period of time and the use of the PM or e-mail system here at the Conspiracy Cafe to send objectionable content, repeat same or similar message content or harass a Member.

Warnings can be given for failing to heed advice and/or direction given to a Member by Board Staff; Moderator, Global Moderator, Administrator.

Warnings can be given in such instances up to a Ban, if the Conspiracy Cafe feel such to be warranted.

All Warnings can be subject to review, if warranted, by the Board Administrators upon request.

All Administrator decisions on the Board content, access to Membership, posting rights, Warnings and Bans are final.
All staff and members are subject to and must abide by the Rules.

In short:

  • DON'T PM any Member of Staff about posts, threads, or members you object to. Report the Post via the radio button next to the content you object to. PM'd reports will not be dealt with as only properly reported posts can be tracked.
  • DON'T expect an instant response to anything you have reported as it is impossible for us to respond immediately.
  • Stick to the Rules and the Cafe will be a much nicer place for us all.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.